Wild & Safe

They say that opposites attract; however, I think that it’s a little more complicated than that.

If you’re totally opposite, you won’t find anything in common to fall in love over. You will not be able to relate to the other person. If you are very similar you will likely get on each other’s nerves because you’re too much alike. You will not be able to bring growth to the other person and your relationship will never pull you into a more expanded view of the world.

Relationships in general stretch us, help us learn empathy, and teach us to look at things from a different angle. Sometimes I think we learn more from failed relationships than we do from successful ones. I don’t just mean the lovey-dovey kind either…

When you begin a relationship with someone you enter into a mutual trust. This trust is mediocre immediately; if it isn’t broken it continues to get stronger until it IS broken. It will be eventually. That’s just life. The depth of our truths determines the depth of our relationships. I point this out because when there is trust there is also influence. The people we surround ourselves with are those who make us who we are.

I love the idea of a push and pull kind of relationship. Someone encourages you to step outside your comfort zone while the other keeps you safe and grounded; then vice versa. We all have something to contribute in terms of both advice and entertainment. Never quiet your voice; it may expand someone else’s horizons. Never take for granted the affect you could make on someone’s life by simply including them. What if that one time influences them in a way they couldn’t have imagined? Share life with others, build trust.


“You keep me wild, I’ll keep you safe.”



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